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Upcycling Gallery

Do you have jewellery that you don’t wear anymore? Let Magee Jewellers & Designers Upcycle your old jewellery into a gorgeous, breath taking, new piece of jewellery.

Come into our studio; we will sit down with you and design your dream piece of jewellery. You will be shown your completed design on our 3D CAD system; in addition to a 3D printed wax model of your new piece to make sure that you’re completely satisfied. Once approved, we will then cast and complete the final piece for you to treasure for years to come. Our state of the art technology and expert craftsmanship will ensure that you receive a top-notch, quality product that you’ll be proud to wear. 

Please contact us to book an appointment for your free consultation. Let us transform your old jewellery from unwanted to “never want to take it off”.