Everlasting Diamonds .90ct PC

Stock # 8215

Everlasting Diamonds .90ct PC

Everlasting Diamonds .90ct PC

Stock # 8215

Report: Gem Scan 474383
Shape: Princess Cut
Measurements: 5.55 x 5.46 x 3.85mm
Weight: 0.90ct
Clarity: I1
Color: F
Note: Girdle edge has chip. From point to middle of girdle. Bottom left corner on picture.



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Product Details

Name .90ct PC
Stock Number 8215
Type Diamond

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We meet with the seller to establish ownership and agree upon a selling price.  We will then photograph the diamond and place it for viewing on our website.

Those wishing to purchase a diamond from our Everlasting Diamond Program can view our selection online.  When you find the diamond that you are looking for we will set up a meeting with Mark Magee to view the diamond.  

Any diamond that is purchased from our Everlasting Diamond Program will have the setting designed by Magee Jewellers & Designers.

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